What Makes Us Different?

FREEDOM-is-not-FREE-resizedFamily Security and Firearms Safety offers handgun training, Florida concealed weapons permit classes serving Rotonda West, Port Charlotte, and Sarasota FL

First it is our approach to firearm training and family security that sets us apart. We feel it is vitally important that this be done to and for the individual and or family. I am sure you have heard that no two people are alike! That is a truth. Along with that, is no two needs are exactly the same; no two people learn the same, etc. What we do is evaluate you and your specific needs, and design a plan for you. We offer several different packaged pricing that is affordable for most budgets to attend Florida concealed weapons permit classes and more.

Your safety and security is of the utmost importance and we take it personally and very seriously, and so should you.

Any one of thousands of instructors can teach you safety and the basics of firearm handling and shooting. Unfortunately that is where it usually ends. We do not end there; we will help you be as safe and proficient as you are comfortable with. We help with the fitting and purchase of a firearm if that is what you choose. In addition to that we will come to your home and offer a home safety inspection.

We offer several different packaged pricing that is affordable for most budgets.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before any type of firearm training:

  1. Can I spend the time needed to handle and shoot safely?
  2. Can I afford to purchase a firearm?
  3. Could I use it in defense of myself or loved one?
  4. What type of training do I need/want?
  5. Can I spend the needed time to practice?

Also, you need to ask the following of anyone who you are considering to train you.

  1. What certifications do you have and from where?
  2. How long is the training (hours)?
  3. How many rounds will I fire?
  4. Do you help or assist with the purchase of a firearm?
  5. Do you offer personalized training and or consultation?
  6. Do you do or offer any follow up lesson’s or training?
  7. How long have you been training with firearms?
  8. What types of training have you done?
  9. Approximately how many people have you trained?
  10. Do you carry liability insurance?

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